• World History 10 


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    • Course Description



    We are living in a world of paradoxes. On one hand we have strong and stable nations, but on the other hand there are deep divisions amongst populations.  Political, economic and technological changes can happen in minutes, but we are still chained to systems that are hundreds of years old. Twitter might be able to get a message out in seconds, but changing hearts and minds can take generations. How can we be living in both worlds simultaneously? The goal of this course is for you to understand our current world and how it evolved from its past.; empower you to examine your own world view and how that was constructed. Yes, this is a history course, because in order to understand the present we must dive into the past.  

    There are a variety of ways you will be assessed this year.  Some methods include:

      • collaborative long term projects
      • research paper
      • presentations
      • in class essays
      • short answer content
      • analytical reflections
      • creative papers and projects
      • class participation (class participation goes beyond raising your hand to answer questions, it includes asking questions, actively listening, working collaboratively when called for and most of all being open minded and respectful of people and ideas discussed during this course. You get out of the class what you put in!)


    1. Curriculum

    Curriculum order is subject to change

      • Today’s World: World Statistics and Themes
      • Europe
      • Middle East
      • East Asia
      • South Asia
      • Africa
      • South America

    III. Tools for this Course


    Something to write on and something to write with: We will be taking pen and paper notes. I give many handouts.


    Podcasts:  We will also be listening to podcasts. If you have a smartphone, please download a podcast app. For example, iPhones already have:   


    1. Grading Procedure


    Each assignment will have a point value; you will know the value of each assignment when it is assigned.  At the end of the quarter your total number of points will be divided by the possible number of points and that will be your grade.  For example, if you could earn 500 points in the quarter and you earned 475 your grade would be a 95 = A. (Earned points/ Total points) x 100   


    1. Contact Information

    Office: 1N1

    Classroom: 1N5

    Email: fplunkett@scarsdaleschools.org



    Please make an appointment and come to my office to discuss any questions. My schedule is posted on my office and classroom doors. In addition, you may email or text me but please keep in mind that I will try to get back to you in a timely manner but I cannot guarantee an immediate response.


    1. Our Class Expectations

    My non-negotiable expectations:

    • Respect yourself, others & the class through
      • Active listening
      • Engaging in evidence driven debates- not attacking peers
    • Come to class prepared and ready to think and work
    • Take intellectual risks → push yourself outside of your comfort zone- This will look different for different people
    • Cell phones will be placed in a classroom cady throughout the duration of the class
    • If you would like to use a laptop for taking daily notes, and you do not have an accommodation, we must have a conversation first


    What is up for negotiation:

    • Practices for beginning and/or ending class
    • Penalties for late assignments
    • Layout of the room
    • How class participation should be assessed
    • Potential projects and/or topics