•  What does reading workshop look like in fourth grade?
    Our readers will begin the year learning that readers choose their relationship towards reading.  They can read books like curmudgeons, or they can read as if books are gold.  We'll help students participate in the effort to choose books that are within their reach, books they can read with high success, and we'll teach them to test the books they choose carefully by asking, "Is this book within reach for me?"
    It also helps for learners to track their progress towards goals.  We'll recruit students to track the volume of reading they do by using reading logs.  We'll teach them it's a tool for making them better readers.  Just like professional athletes study their data, they can study your results and figure out what they need to make their performance better.  
    Finally, we'll put students into reading partnerships.  These partners will be like travel companions, and they will pick out their first books from the classroom library together.