•  Fox Meadow Food Guidelines
    There are a number of celebrations at Fox Meadow that involve food.  There are also a number of students that have food allergies.  That being said, we all need to work together as a team to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for ALL of our students.  That team consists not only of the faculty at school, but all students and all parents.  That is why we request the following:
    Be aware of the ingredients of the foods that you send into class for various parties or celebrations and let your child's teacher know a few days ahead of time. This will allow the children of the food-allergic child to bring in a safe treat to eat.
    If you are bringing in food for a celebration, the food must have a list of ingredients.  Any food that does not have the ingredients listed will not be allowed in the classroom. Our classrooms are "nut free" classrooms. Do not send any nuts, or products containing nuts, to be eaten in the classroom.
    We request that children who eat peanut butter or nut products for lunch wash their hands with soap and water when they return from the cafeteria.
    There is a NO FOOD SHARING policy at Fox Meadow School.  This policy is strictly enforced.
     We appreciate your cooperation in this very important matter.