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                                           3rd GRADE – SHEMTOB
                                    SUGGESTED CLASSROOM SNACKS *

    Suggested Classroom Snacks for class parties 2014-2015:

    Fresh Fruit
    Raw Veggies
    Wheat Thins
    Pretzels (Rold Gold, Utz, Bachman)
    Pirate's Booty
    Gogo SqueeZ Applesauce
    Goldfish Crackers
    Oreos (Original)
    Entenmann's Pop'ems 
    mini donuts (white powdered, glazed & devil's food)
    Entenmann's - Little Bites
    Swedish Fish
    Graham Crackers
    Chips Ahoy (Original)
    * Parents who do not have a child with allergies may not be familiar with how to read an ingredient label. Even with the best intentions "unsafe foods" can be brought into the classroom. It is important to always review ingredient information and labels.  Also a food that was "safe" in the past may have had an ingredient change or change the facility in which it is processed making it "unsafe".  Again, it is important to always read the packaging.   For additional information, please feel free to speak to Sabrina's mom.  She is ready to help.