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    World History Final Essay Topic:
     In this class, we have tried to answer the question "Why does the world look the way it does today?"  Today, we discussed the responses to the essential questions on our syllabus in order to see to what extent we have answered that question.  Thinking about the path that our world has traveled, politically, socially, and economically, from roughly 1500 to the present, your essay question on Monday will ask you to think about the factors and events which you believe  played a significant role in shaping our world from the topics we studied in class.   The question will ask you to justify your examples and think about how history happens; in other words, what does the path of history look like from the present?
    This is an open note test, so please bring in HANDWRITTEN notes.  REPEAT ONLY HANDWRITTEN NOTES WILL BE ALLOWED.
    See everyone on Monday.
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    Sophomore World History Study Guide
    This brief guide is a simple overview of some of the things we've learned so far.  It is meant to supplement your notes and homework readings while giving you some suggestions for questions to think about.
    Please email or see me if you want to discuss any of the content we've learned further!