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     Grade 5
    Time Line:          April1st - June 1st.


    Unit Theme:       Final Assessment:  Review all material by students creating their own trip, and then taking a final oral assessment based on their answers.


    What we are doing in class. 


    Students are answering ten questions regarding an imaginary trip they would like to take.  The ten questions are a review of questions and vocabulary that the students have been learning since 1st grade.  The students will be creating their own slideshow answering the questions, then make a screencast of their slideshow.  The students will finish the unit by taking an oral assessment and being responsible for answering the ten questions with correct grammar, pronunciation, and intonation.      


    How may you help at home?

    Students will creating conversations using the following questions and answers: 

    ¿Adónde vas?       Voy a ___________.
    ¿Cuándo vas?      Voy el ____________.
    ¿Cómo vas?         Voy en ____________.
    ¿Con quién vas?   Voy con _____________.
    ¿Por cuánto tiempo vas?      Voy por _________.
    ¿Qué tiempo hace en ________  .         Hace/está ____________ en ________________.
    ¿Qué vas a hacer?         Voy a _________________.
    ¿Qué vas a llevar?         Voy a llevar _____________.
    ¿Qué lugares vas a visitar?      Voy a visitar _______________.
    ¿Qué vas a comer?            Voy a comer _________________. 
     Students will be using the programs Google Slides, Screencastify & Google Docs Add ons. 

    1.    Ask your child to review the unit slideshow.

    2.    Ask your child to create a conversation where they are describing their trip.

    3.  Ask your child to practice their materials on Google Classroom including the Quizlet in Google Classroom.

    Interdisciplinary  Connections:

    Students will be learning about geography and weather for the location of their trip.   


    Project for the unit:


    Students will complete the unit by creating a slideshow and screencast.  The final screencast will include students speaking, and writing in Spanish.