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    Time Line:   April 1st to May 8th.  


    Unit Theme:   Personal Characteristics 


    What we are doing in class.
    We are learning new vocabulary associated with describing personal characteristics, as well as characteristics of others.  Student's will be using this vocabulary to ask and answer questions about others in the class and their families.  

    How may you help at home?


    1.   Ask and have your child answer these questions.  Reverse the roles.
    ¿De qué color son tus ojos?      Mis ojos son_______________.
    ¿De qué color son los ojos de tus padres?         Sus ojos son ___________.
    ¿Qué pelo tienes ___________?          Tengo pelo  ______________.
    1.    Ask your child to practice describing hair and eye color for members of your family .

    2.    Ask your child to practice their worksheets and conversations at home.

    3.  Ask your child to share their final project on Scratch with you. 


    Interdisciplinary connection:
    Students gain practice coding using the program Scratch.  Students program and record themselves speaking Spanish using the program Scratch.


    Project for the unit:
    Students will complete the unit by Programming an animated recording in Scratch.  Each student will program, speak, read, and write in Spanish to complete their podcast.