• Edmodo is a K-12 social network specifically designed to connect students and teachers.  Students and teachers can use edmodo to learn from each other and problem solve.  Teachers can assign work, grade assignments, and provide individual feedback to the students.  Students can monitor his/her grades and complete most assignments using this digital tool.  Now, they will be able to turn in their assignments before going to bed at night.  
    Edmodo can also be used as an interactive review session before a test or a quiz.  Even those students who cannot stay after school can now receive the extra help from the teacher.   It can also be used to provide alerts and announcements about field trips and other class activities.  
    Parents will be invited to create an account where they will have access to some of the important Edmodo features.  They will be able to view upcoming homework assignments & quizzes, monitor missing homework and graded work, and view any private correspondence between the child and his/her teacher.
    This excellent educational tool will only enhance the student's learning experience and foster the communication lines between parent, teacher, and student.   
    Student Codes:
    Section 1 - 8ivgmp
    Section 2 - yd59xb
    Section 3 - nnqbf8
    Section 4 - qzgx63
    Social Studies Chatroom - 4dyege