• Flute
    Flute students will need:
    • 1 flute
    • Accent On Achievement Book 1 for Flute
    • A music stand to use to practice at home
    • A flute swab and/or cleaning chamois with cleaning rod.
    Flute is usually a very popular instrument and the lightest of all the band instruments.  Although is is made of metal, the flute is considered part of the woodwind family - it is the only instrument in the woodwind family that doesn't use a reed.  
    The biggest challenge of learning the flute is learning to form a correct embouchure and to employ proper flute breathing technique to create a clear and consistent sound.  Some students take most of the 4th grade year to get the notes to sound clearly and consistently.  Holding the flute correctly (the flute is played parallel to the ground and held off to the right side of the head) and learning the finger placement and memorization of finger positions on the flute is also more challenging than learning these skills on the clarinet or alto saxophone.  Flute requires daily playing to keep the connection between the player and the instrument solid.

    Since the flute is so small, it’s easy to carry around (and easy to lose, so label the case with the students' name, school and class). As with all instruments, the flute requires a minute of assembly time and a couple of minutes to clean and put it away.

    If your child shows a strong interest in the flute, please contact me about setting up an appointment near the end of the year to try out a flute in my classroom.
    Please take a few minutes to watch some of the videos for beginning flute players I have linked to here.