• Paul Klee Inspired Art 

    Students observed several of Paul Klee's art that
    use geometric shapes and often a grid.  The painting
    The Gray of Night, as seen below, was the specific
    inspiration for this art piece.  Here Klee uses the grid
    and a poem that he wrote. 
    the gray of night  
    Students were required to find a meaningful quote,
    paint with tempera paint using warm, cool or analogous
    color, have smooth, even surfaces and use gradations.
    Before rendering the painting students created a small,
    color pencil version of their idea.
    klee 9  
    klee 7  
    klee 10  
    klee 15  
    klee 18  
    klee 14  
    klee 2  
    klee 16  
    klee 17  
    klee 20  
    klee 20