• For incoming 6th graders and their parents/guardians 

    Q:  What does a house counselor do?

    A house counselor gets to know each student in the house. The counselor works to ensure academic and social success for all students. To do this, the counselor runs large class sessions on issues such as plagiarism, bullying, and student learning styles. A counselor also runs small group sessions with students on topics of the students’ interest, and individual sessions if a student has a private issue he/she wishes to discuss.  The counselor also meets with the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers twice a week to discuss curriculum, and students who might be experiencing any difficulty. 


    Q:  How can I arrange a meeting with my child’s teachers?

    Simply call the house office and ask to speak to the house counselor.  He/she will gather data on the student during a team meeting, and get back to you with the child’s progress.  If a meeting is needed you will make an appointment during your son/daughter’s teachers’ team time.

    Q:  My child seems to be having a hard time adjusting to the routines of middle school.  She/he keeps forgetting his homework, and seems to have a hard time changing classes and making new friends.

    A:  The step from the self-contained classroom to the world of middle school where the student encounters seven different teachers in one day, each of who have different expectations, can be a difficult transition for some students.  Our 6th grade teams are seasoned veterans and work hard to address the developmental needs of 6th graders.  Give your student three to four weeks to settle in, however, if after that time you feel that the adjustment is not going smoothly please call the house counselor to get an update on how your student is doing academically and socially, and if a team meeting is needed you will be able to schedule one during the 6th grade teachers’ team time.

    Q:  My child seems to have difficultly making friends.  Do you have any suggestions?

    A:  Middle School can be a difficult time of life for students.  If your child expresses loneliness, or you sense that he/she is feeling sad and or depressed, please do not hesitate to call your house counselor.  The house counselor will get a social report from all your child’s teachers. Furthermore, the house counselor will meet with your child and try to suggest possible clubs he/she might join.  SMS also has three youth outreach workers who run lunchtime groups for children who wish to make new friends.

    Q:  What are the after school clubs my student could become involved in?

    A:  We have many clubs.  Please click here to see a sampling of the clubs our school is currently offering.  https://www.scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us//site/Default.aspx?PageID=4318

    For 7th grade parents/guardians
    Q:  My child has been placed in regular math, and I believe he/she has been wrongly placed.  Can I move my child to advanced math?

    Every effort is made to place your child in the math class where your child will have the most academic success. His/her prior year’s teacher makes a child’s math placement.  The placement is based on scores from teacher math tests, and the student’s demonstrated ability to handle abstract material.  It is always possible to move a child’s math placement, but the child has to earn grades of A in the math section he/she has been placed in, complete all homework, and demonstrate that he/she can work on math problems independently.  If you have any further questions please call your child's current math teacher.

    Q: What if I have a  question that is not answered here?

    Please feel free to call the house counselor’s office (721-2640) so we can answer your questions!


    Questions specific to 8th grade parents:

    Q: What role does the counselor play in course selection for high school?

    Your child’s house counselor will meet with all 8th grade students in December and discuss the course selection options for 9th grade.  Then your child will come home with the high school course catalogue and select his/her courses.  In January or February the parents/guardians will attend a course selection meeting with the student and counselor and fill out the 9th grade course selection.

     Q:  How will my child get into the honors courses at the high school?

    Students have to be recommended into honors courses by their current 8th grade teacher.  There are currently honors courses in World Language (the child needs a 93 and a teacher recommendation), Math (the child must have been in honors math or moved into honors math in 8th grade and Science (the child needs a 93 and a teacher recommendation).  Honors classes are designed for students who are intrinsically motivated and demand more work than the grade level courses.  At the course conference we will discuss if the honors placement is the correct choice for your child.

    Q: I want to send my son/daughter to private school for High School.  What do I do about the recommendations?

    We would be happy to write a recommendation for your son/daughter.  Please make an appointment with your child's counselor so we can discuss the schools you are applying to, your child's skills and interests, and the due dates of the applications.  Please allow at least a 3-4 week lead time so that the teachers can have enough lead time to write the best recommendation for your child.