Student Use Materials and Ordinary Objects to Explore and Create Inquiry Based Designs.

    As part of  the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, children explore materials and concepts and together with their teachers pursue their interests.   It encourages  collaboration and study of design by providing students with materials and opportunities to explore their interests.  The Design Shop/maker space in the classroom allows students more creative avenues. 


    This multi disciplinary  approach  also helps children develop problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. We also use recycled materials to incorporate in our designs and have conversations about the importance of respecitng our envirnoment.


    Another component from Reggio’s philosophy is to involve parents in the classroom.

    We have parent volunteers come in to help the children construct their designs.  Again, in Reggio Emilia, the town and schools work together. We want to create and foster this relationship for our students here in Scarsdale.