Social Studies

    Major Understandings are:

    • Families are different-my family and other families
    • Geography
    • Civic duties-rights and responsibility
    • Interviews (names, celebrations, families)
    • Inquiry Projects
    • Cultural Universals -An Inquiry Based Approach
    • Parents and Families are interviewed by the first graders about their family traditions and careers.





    • Unit 1: Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles The Sun, Moon and Stars
    • Unit 2: Waves: Light & Sound
    • Unit 3: Structure, Function and Information Resources 





    Reading and Writing Workshop

    Reading Workshop


    • Read Aloud
    • Shared Reading
    • Guided Reading
    • Independent Reading
    • Phonics - Word Work
    • Conferences


     Writing Workshop 


    • Shared Writing
    • Interactive Writing
    • Independent Writing
    • Craft  
    • Spelling 
    • Conventions
    • Conferences


     Digital Literacy


    Comprehension and Technology

    See Saw Learning Journal




     Primary Mathematics series is our math program developed from Singapore Math.

     The material progresses from concrete concepts, to pictorial concepts, to abstract concepts.            


    • Uses Manipulatives
    • Introduces concepts through Spiral Progression 
    • Ongoing Assessment