• Trumpet
    Trumpet students will need:
    • 1 B-flat trumpet
    • Accent On Achievement Book 1 for Bb Trumpet
    • A music stand to use to practice at home
    • A small bottle of valve oil
    The trumpet is the smallest and highest member of the brass family. As with all brass instruments, the sound is produced by buzzing the lips into a mouthpiece. 

    Taking care of a trumpet is easier than a woodwind instrument. It is stored in the case in just two pieces. The only regular maintenance required is to oil the valves now and then and grease the slides as needed.

    The trumpet is played with the right hand on top of the instrument with the first three fingers resting on the valves. The left hand holds the instrument with the fingers wrapped around the middle of the valves.

    The trumpet is certainly one of the most popular instruments for young players. Since lots of other students will choose the trumpet, there will be more competition with other players.

    However, the trumpet is a very versatile and widely used instrument. Trumpets are always needed in bands, symphony orchestras, jazz groups and small instrumental groups. It is very common for the trumpet to perform a large number of solos and melodic lines in all of these groups. The trumpet also works well as a solo instrument.

    Please take a few minutes to watch some of the videos for beginning trumpet players I have linked to here.