• First Quarter Homework Assignments:


    1. Bring to class a sketchbook - either new or used. This will become your "Process Journal." Alter the front and back of the book. Remember, all in this book is in process and is not finished. You will be working on it all  year.

     2. Using the scrap paper with paint on it choose a section of it and attach it to your process journal. Complete the page/s with color, etc.
    3. Draw figures from the packet that was given out in class.
    4. Take any photo of family and friends and attach it or a xerox and copy the position of the figures with t he skeleton/stick figure we learned in class.
     5. Practice drawing action/gesture and contour line figures this week.
    6. Reflection for figure drawing unit:   Please select two pieces from this unit of:
    skeletal/stick figures
    ink figures,
    sequential gesture,
    cut paper contour line,
    partial look contour line and
    controlled contour line
    and reflect on your growth technically and as a creative being. Include any fear, stereotypes and revelations. Do this in your process journal.  Continue to practice contour line details of anything.

    Drawing and Painting I Final Challenge
    The Challenge: To find a museum in Westchester or New  york City and choose a drawing or painting that  you feel best illustrates the title, "Lost In Space."
    The Rules:
    You must go in person. You need to bring in a museum entrance receipt and attach it to  your process journal. And/Or take photos in front of the museum and inside.
    You need to write a short paper. You can send me the paper on Google Docs, email it to me at ngordon@scarsdaleschools.org or hand in a typed hard copy. Include the artist's name, real title of the work, the year it was made and the medium. It needs to discuss the elements and principles of design, the concept of beauty and/or simplicity (as stated in the above quotation) and why you chose this piece over all others in the museum. Also include why you personally relate to this image and how it affects you or "moves" you as a creative person. When selecting the image, you may interpret the title any way you want - creativity is appreciated! Although I do not grade grammar, you need to proof read your work and make sure it is polished and readable. the paper would be best between one and three pages.
    You have to create your own piece.
     Using your drawing/painting as an inspiration and/or muse, create a work of art with the same title. You may select any media you want or use mixed media. You may include photograpahy or computer graphics. It can be any size. If you want to do it in your PJ it must be at least four pages. Keep in mind the title, It can be any style (representation/realism, surrealistic, abstract or non-objective).                            
     The final is due on May 15th. Once you have gone to the museum, you need to show me sketches before starting  your own piece.
    The final is due on May 15th.
    2. Please respond to the following quotation in your process journal:
    "Creative people are problem-makers before becoming problem-solvers. They tend to seek out the things in life which need their attention instead of waiting around to be confronted by them."
    3. Think about how you are going to alter your "Starbucks" cup. How can you take a functional object like a paper cup and morph it into a work of fine art? What could you do do this cup to make it beautiful? Aesthetic? How could you revolutionize the design of a cup? Please write about and draw out some possible ideas?
    4. Please draw your hand holding a Starbucks (or any other commercial cup). Please create an interesting and unusual visual solution. You can add pages that fold out - you can use a two page spread - or anything creative compositional solution. Remember to draw from observation and notice light and dark values.

    5. Open up a drawer in  your house and draw what you see. It could be a close up or a more complex pull back. You can empty the draw or arrange it. Be aware of composition and focus on value. Charcoal would be best.

    For class reflection sheet for the cup project see Drawing and Painting II classwork.
    6. Pick your favorite art teacher piece of art work in the Positive Space Gallery and cogently explain why you are so attracted to it. Pick a piece from the Katonah Museum that "blew you away" and explain why you chose it.
    Remember to reflect on the cup project. 

    Select one genre (subject matter) that you have covered this year (still life, landscape, portrait, non-objective/abstraction) and create a piece at home. You may use paints (acrylic/watercolor), pastels, charcoal, etc.   Look up one artist who works in that style/subject and explain why you chose that person and how it pertains to your art work.