• "The power of the word is real whether or not you are conscious of it. Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Behind every word flows energy." Sonia Choquette
    2014 -15 
    Welcome to my New Students. This is Going to be an Awesome Class and Year!

    Drawing and Painting II
    Drawing and Painting II is a course designed for students who have a need to draw and paint! You will be challenged with in-depth experience with all types of drawing and painting media and techniques. You will build upon and expand the knowledge and skills acquired in previous studio courses such as Drawing and Painting, Studio Art Foundation, and/or Civ Ed Art. The projects completed in this course are meant to be part of an art portfolio, which can be used for Advanced Topics in Studio Art and/or college applications.
    The course meets for days a week for one-half year. You will receive one-half credit.
    Some student's thoughts on art:
    "Art is an expression of emotion.....it is a way to really focus on something," Prajjalita Dey
    "I think art is talent. To me it means that you have to have the creativity and bravery to take your imagination outside on to the paper." Olivia Green
    "Art to me is expressing your emotions creatively." Yuri Tachibana
    "I think art is a way to describe what you are feeling and express emotions." Ana Sani
    "To me, art is an outlet for self expression and individualism." Mari Llewellyn
    "Art is important to my life." Becky Schwartz
     Students reflected on the topic of  Art, Beauty and the Concept of the Artist as "Linchpin".

    "To me beauty is simple, subtle, classical,  but in the slightest bit imperfect. Whether it is a scar on their face, or an interesting walk, anything that tells a story about a person to me is beautiful. With so much wrong going on, beauty is essential. On my part, beauty is extremely important to me; not in a superficial way, but it's just something that I think about and evaluate a lot. I always try to find the beauty in everything just because it helps me cope with myself and how I feel about my life."

    "Beauty is a product of creativity, but it isn't fully creativity. All works of art are beautiful in that way. A creator was dedicated and emotionally attached to their work of art, and that makes it beautiful. If a work of art can make the creator feel that way, it can make anyone feel the same."

    ""An artist to me is someone unapologetic about what they create, have a free mind, and doesn't centralize their thinking on want others want to see." Miwa Sakulrat

    "Don't be mistaken, for beauty is never perfection. Beauty is quality and creativity..."

    "Anything created by someone that has meaning and value is beautiful and makes that person an artist."
    "To me, an artist is simply a creator, a creator who has mastered the art of connecting the bridge from fantasy to reality."

    "It's simple: the very essence (story) of the painting will draw a person in, and that person will immediately relate to the painting, digging into past memories to realize that he/she is not alone. Emmy Hirsch

    "Beauty is very important to me because I enjoy the sight of something beautiful which causes me to think more about the deeper meaning of something."

    "Beauty and creativity are not the same, but creativity is what causes beauty."

    " As Godin states,"Artists are linchpins because they "take emotional risks, do things when they're not required, and do things to make a difference." Autumn Hamra

    "Beauty is anything that can provoke some emotion in a person. Beauty has no real definition because each person has a different interpretation and a different perspective of it."

    "I think the definition of an artist is someone who is able to interact with people on an emotional level through some form of art. Artists today take greater risks and have more open minds."Claire Rosenberg

    Although some people link materialism to beauty I do not believe the two are as closely related as some people believe. Just because I enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things doesn't mean I am materialistic. For me, it is important to be surrounded by things that I feel are beautiful or aesthetically appealing. These small things all combine to bring joy to me each day."

    "I think the concept of an "artist" has evolved and grown to encompass a much wider range of people outside of the traditional painter or sculptor from the past. As the world constantly changes and evolves, I think the concept of an artist does as well." Alyssa Marcus

    "Beauty is not the same thing as quality."
    "Creativity is not only helpful in art, but also in life."
    "Artists inspire a new way of thinking and adding a new perspective to the world around them. Art has helped the world evolve into what it is today, and without it the world would not be the same." Taylor Solomon

    "There are people that I Never would have considered "beautiful" before, but as I grew to know them, they became more and more beautiful to me every day we became closer. It was not because they literally became better looking, but it was more that what I thought of as "attractive" changed."

    " Beauty is a sense of pride."  Ashley Maria

    To produce realistic watercolor paintings students must first learn to see color and values. In this assignment students are matching watercolor squares to corresponding colors in a magazine images.

    "With our thoughts we make out world". Buddha
    What is valued in this class is:

    Taking risks
    Being flexible - the ability to change your mind
    Not giving up - persistence with pep!
    Resilience - bouncing back from situations
    Finding problems challenging
    Having a positive attitude
    Focusing and concentrating to the best of your ability
    Cleaning up your personal space and respecting the space of others
    Keeping a shelf labeled with your name on it
    Handing in homework and classwork in a timely manner
    Working in your process journal whether you have homework or not
    Communicating clearly and calmly and being part of discussions and critiques

    Working well with others and understanding we are a team
    Coming to class on tim
    Dressing appropriately for an art room
    Respecting yourself and others
    Acting appropriately on field trips
    Having fun and a having a sense of humor