• First Quarter Homework Assignments:

    1. Please alter your process journal covers (front and back). Put your name on the first page of the book - creativity and put your shelf number somewhere on or in your book. 

    2. Is the Aardvark baby (on the xerox I handed out in class) beautiful or not? Please explain. 
    3. We watched the Twilight episode "Number 12 Looks Just Like You," in class on Friday - please answer the following three questions:
    a) Pick your favorite scene in the movie and tell me why it is meaningful to you and visually compelling.
    b) Would  you choose to go through transformation? Why or why not?
    c) How do you define beauty? Please be specific.
    4. Please write/repeat your name/nick name/initials as many times as you  like on the title page of your process journal. Design the page to create an eye-catching composition. Use pencils, colored pencils, markers, collage, etc. Reflect your unique personal style in your choice of colors, lettering, lines, textures, and layout. Have fun!
    5. "Do You Know Who You Are Collage."
    6. Please select a piece of art from the faculty art show in the Positive Space Gallery. Tell me why you would love to own it and what makes it special. Use the art vocabulary you have learned in class (the elements and principles of design).
    7. Select a career from the list on the xerox sheet given out in class. Follow the instructions on it. 
    8. After you have finished your "Pencil Book"class project, please reflect with the following questions:
    Is it Art?
    Is it beautiful (aesthetically pleasing)?
    What did you learn from this assignment? Be detailed.
    Second Marking Period HW.
    1.We move so quickly in the world today rarely slowing down to notice what is right in front of us. In this assignment I would like you to select something you pass by or see everyday and have never noticed was beautiful. Take a photo of it and attach it into your PJ. Tell me why you never noticed it before and why you  now thing it is beautiful. 
    2. After discussing linear perspective briefly I asked you to look for places in your life where parallel lines come together (ceilings, floors, walls, etc.). Photograph some examples. Print out and attach to your PJ.
    3. Include the reflection sheet for the non-objective painting assignment.
    4. Attach the sheet with the sphere you drew to practice highlights,  reflected lights, shadows, cast shadows, etc.
    5. You saw a film on the magical effects of perspective.  I asked you to tell me which art work in the film impressed you the most and why.
    Third Quarter Homework 
    1. Pick three random words and create a sentence with them. Illustrate that sentence in any media you like.
    2. Read the handout on linear perspective and highlight any information you feel is important. Copy one of the pages of images in y our PJ. 
    3. Describe the mood you are in. Using colors only (no images), illustrate it.