• "Every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once he (she) grows up."Picasso

    Civ Ed Art
    Civ Ed Art is a studio foundation course. In this course you will experience a variety of experiences including drawing, painting,graphic design, printmaking, and sculpture. This course is for students who are part of the Civ Ed program and have either little or no experience in art. Civ Ed Art is the first course in a sequence of courses needed for those who want to eventually take Advanced Topics in Studio Art. All Civ Ed Art students will experience a trip to a contemporary art museum such as DIA: Beacon. Although art appreciation,technique and basic art terminology are important to learn in art -creativity, self expression, problem solving, caring, working well with others, and being positive are equally crucial!
    Make a thumbnail Sketch:
    Making a thumbnail sketch serves as a small rehearsal for the bigger picture you are going to create. It helps you command the space by encouraging you to reduce all the information presented by the image to its most essential elements. When you make a small practice drawing within an outlined box (just one or two inches in size), you will only have space to make the basic shapes you see, and thus it is impossible to get lost in the details. This is why it is a good idea to make a few thumbnail sketches before you commit to the larger paper. The technique is similar to writing a quick outline before beginning your essay. By doing a small sketch, you will build into your consciousness an overview of what will be required for the larger drawing.

    "Forever is composed of now."  E. Dickenson
    Class Work 
    1. We have made shelf labels into a work of art.
    2. From that assignment we had to explain three reasons why it was a work of art or not a work of art. Everyone shared their opinions and from that conversation we came up with a class definition of Art.
    3. We  have defined beauty by watching the Twilight Zone episode called, "Number 12 Looks Just Like You."
    4. We learned about graphite pencils and created a zig zag book with color acetate negative spaces.
    5. We learned about Representational, Abstract and Non-Objective art using Georgia O'Keeffe as an example.