• "Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him." Aldous Huxley

    First Quarter 2014 

    Please bring in your permission slip for the Museum of Natural History asap!!!!!!!! The trip is October 1st.
    Week 1:
    1. Personalize your VRJ cover.

    2.. Please navigate the site "Student Art Guide." Reflect on images that excite you and write about it in your VRJ.

    3. Everyone has a different homework based on our discussions. You are either working on pieces for your college portfolio this week or you are brainstorming ideas for your Passion Concept.  Look up artists who are involved with your topic and select a few to print out in your VRJ. Reflect and write about your topic. Map out your ideas and draw some thumbnail sketches in your VRJ.

    4. Please make a shelf label by September 12th. It needs your Name and shelf number on it.

    5. Work on your Passion Statement and mapping.
    6. Using drawings from the Museum of Natural History create a more finished image.
    7. Remember to reflect on the field trip and on all your class pieces. Print out all images. Use the sheet I gave out in the beginning of the year.
    8.  Please respond to the MICA presentation in your VRJ.
    9. You need to look at all assignments this quarter*:
    *10 weeks of HW - in your VRJ and outside of it as well -
    *class projects:
    *Shelf label
    *the repeated object drawing and the response to it,
    *multifaceted observation image and the response to it
    *the  graphic non-objective image with story and sequence
    *locker installation idea and for some the beginning of making it
    *Your homework was individualized. Some of you worked on college application portfolios and your passion statement and some just  worked on your passion concentration. You all needed to work on your VRJ covers,  visual documentation of all work, and reflections. You are and were supposed to reflect on all the work using the reflection/ critique sheet given out earlier this year. When done with all the above, make an appointment with me to discuss what grade you feel you deserve before the end of the marking period.
    Second Quarter HW:
    *This is the time to be solidifying your concentration. You need to write another statement exploring what you have done so far and where you see yourself going by the April show.  Continue documenting your progress with photos and reflections. Any mentor artists your have been investigating can be included.
    *Bring in an outline of what you plan to do third quarter with your passion concentration. Map out some ideas.
    *Reflect on all the homework and classwork you have done this quarter. Make a meeting with me to show me your VRJ and your documentation/reflection of the locker assignment as well as  your concentration.
    *Show me homework on Fridays (or before). 
    Third Quarter:
    In class will be all concentration. You need to show me a week by week  plan. Your concentration series will be your third quarter grade.
    You need some web presence with your art images.