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    "Inevitable Pull"
    Relief print by N. Gordon-Taylor

    "Make an impression......be a printmaker!"


    Printmaking is a course designed for students who want to learn about the history and techniques of printmaking and want to take their innovative ideas and create dynamic multiple art images with the following techniques:

    Relief printmaking (stamping, linoleum and wood block),  Collographic prints (images created out of gluing and attaching papers and objects to a matrix), Intaglio printmaking (dry point etching), Monoprints and Monotypes (creative one of a kind images), Planographic (paper plate lithography) and Serigraphs (silkscreen or stencil).

    You will be challenged to experiment and take risks with new materials and techniques. Printmaking is a second level course which builds upon and expands the knowledge and skills acquired in previous studio courses such as Drawing and Painting, Studio Art Foundation, and/or Civ Ed Art, among others.
    The projects completed in this course are meant to be part of an art portfolio, which can be used for Advanced Topics in Studio Art and/or college applications.