• Jasper Johns Lithograph

     Please visit the following museum, look at the exhibit and do the assignment:

    Katonah Museum of Art

    Jasper Johns and JohnLund:  Masters in the Print Studio In the Beitzel and Righter Galleries

    March 23 – June 15, 2014

    An extraordinary, little-known story unfolds in theexhibition Jasper Johns & John Lund: Masters in the Print Studio. Over thepast 30 years, Johns and Lund have forged a rare artistic collaboration:side-by-side, master printer Lund assists one of America’s foremost livingartists to achieve precisely the effects he seeks in his prints, 47 of which arefeatured in the exhibition.

    Johns and Lund began working together in 1973 at UniversalLimited Art Editions on Long Island. A decade later Lund became integral toJohns’s printmaking process as the exclusive master printer to work on theartist’s intaglio prints. In 1996 Lund established a private print studio onJohns’s rural Connecticut property and became his on-site master printer.Together they have created over 70 editions, the majority of which use etchingand aquatint.

    Jasper Johns & John Lund is the first museum exhibitionto examine these two masters’ working relationship. It explores process withnever-before exhibited proofs and plates. Lund’s personal photographs of Johnsworking in the studio are also on display.

    Jasper Johns is a painter. His paintings are often large scale. How do you think his work translates into prints?
    Which print/s do you find the most successful? Of those, which one/s are your favorite? Explain.
    Explain the printmaking process that was used. 
    Cover of Process Journal needs to be altered with prints from the class.