• Name____________________________________

    1. Please list all the art courses you have taken at Scarsdale High School:

    Name                             Year                                Art Teacher

    2. Please list all courses you have taken outside of Scarsdale High School (include summer programs):

    Name of Institution                        Name of Course                       Year  


    3. What are you planning on majoring in (to the best of your knowledge)?

    4. How many schools are you applying to and when are the applications due?

    5. Do you travel a lot? Where and when did you go?

    6. Do you speak any other languages than English?

    7. Do you belong to any clubs and/or sports teams?

    8. What do you love about art? What are your strengths and interests?

    9. Anything I should know about you that makes you stand out from the crowd?

    10. Please write a comment about where you see yourself in five years and what you love to do.