• Heathcote Elementary School

     March 2014

     Book of the Month:

     Rosie Revere, Engineer

     By Andrea Beaty





    March 6, 2014


    Dear Heathcote Friends,

    Rosie Revere, Engineer  by Andrea Beaty is an amazing book about Rosie, a young girl, who is an inventor. Rosie is creative and inquisitive; she is always thinking.

    Rosie is a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets, who dreams of becoming a great engineer. She loves spending her time creating wonderful machines such as a hot dog dispenser and helium pants. One day Rosie’s great –great aunt comes for a visit and challenges Rosie to build a flying contraption. Rosie loves the challenge and sets off to create a wonderful invention.

    Rosie Revere, Engineer is one of my favorite books because it reminds us that it is wonderful to imagine and create. Sometimes though creativity can be difficult and we need to try again.  Mistakes can help us learn and eventually we will find the answers that we are searching for. We just need to give ourselves the time to keep trying.

    I hope that you enjoy Rosie’s story and then do some inventing of your own.



    Mrs. de la Garza