• Unit 8 (Welcome to Government)

    Posted by Laurence Brown on 3/2/2016
     February 22nd
    Review Foreign Trade (Both Sections)
    February 23rd
    Congressional Simulation -- Library (Section II only)
    February 24th
    Congressional Simulation -- Library (Section I only)
    February 25th/26th
    Classes Canceled -- LB in Washington for American Studies (stop smiling!!!)
    February 29th
    Reading (Liberal v. Conservative?) (Both Sections)
    March 1st
    TBA (Section II only)
    March 2nd
    TBA (Section I only)

    March 3rd

    March 4th
    Reading (How Congress Works) (Both Sections)
    March 7th
    Research Your Congressman worksheet due (Both Sections)
    March 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
    Work on Research Projects!!!!
    March 14th
    Congressional Simulation
    March 15th
    Oral Assessment for Congressional Simulation (Sections II only)
    March 16th
    Oral Assessment for Congressional Simulation (Sections I only)
    March 17th
    March 18th
    Project Outlines due (Both Sections)






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