• There are 3 types of passes in volleyball. They are called forearm pass, overhead pass, and hit.
    Illegal hits in volleyball are called a carry, a carry can be an open handed pass or bringing the ball behind your head to set.
    Volleyball uses rally scoring and was created in the United States. A game is done when the score of 25 is reached, but the team must win by 2 points. In an official game there are 6 players on the court at once and they rotate in a clockwise rotation.
    The two most important skills in volleyball are the forearm pass and the serve.
    A server has only 1 attempt to serve the ball and is not allowed to cross the line on a serve. The ball may touch the net and be played on a serve or play.  
    A team is allowed 3 hits per play, but a player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively. 
    A player may not touch the net during a game, but the ball can be played off of the net. 
    A volleyball can be blocked but not on the serve.
    The setters job is to try and get the second pass to create an opportunity for a hit (spike). A player may not spike the serve.
    The term volleying is used to describe successful passes back and forth between the two teams.