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The Reggio Emilia Study Group in Scarsdale



Reggio Emilia
          Reggio Emilia is a small city in northern Italy. In 1945, after decades of oppression and war, the citizens of Reggio Emilia saw the need to reinvent their education. Educators, parents, and citizens have worked together over fifty years to create a public school system that has become a source of innovation and inspiration for educators around the world.
         The Reggio Emilia experience is based on the American progressive pedagogy of Dewey, the constructivist and socio-cultural psychologies of Piaget and Vygotsky, Italian reform and post-modern philosophies. The Reggio Emilia experience provides teachers with innovative ways to think about the child as learner, the role of the teacher, the design of the school environment, and curriculum planning.
The Reggio Emilia Study Group

The Scarsdale Reggio Emila Study group begins its 13th year this fall. The study group is designed as a collaborative place of ‘encounter and dialogue’ where teachers study and interpret historical and  current education theory and practice. In 2018-19, participants will explore the central metaphor of Reggio Emilia - the 100 languages of children (multiple intelligences) - as it applies to their practice.  Participants will investigate the Reggio concept of documentation, a process of ‘making learning visible.'  Through readings, discussions, videos, material explorations, and school visits, participants will deepen their knowledge of the Reggio pedagogy and share their interpretation and application of the philosophy in their classrooms.



          The Reggio Emilia Study Group is offered through the Scarsdale Teachers' Institute and is open to all teachers in grades K-12. The study group meets on the first Tuesday of each month in the Heathcote library from 3:30-6:00. Visitors are welcome!  For information about the Reggio Emilia Study Group, please contact Lorella Lamonaca at 721-2700 or