• The Research Paper
    Below you will find the answers to the questions that are asked most about the Research Paper.  After reading the responses, click on the link that corresponds with your class section for assignments and due dates.

    What is a research paper?

    • An investigation of a particular subject or issue
    •  A document that presents and supports a thesis
    • A presentation of information, ideas, facts, data, etc. taken from experts, authorities, scholars, etc.
    • A formal document which must follow formal rules of style and documentation of sources.


    Why write a research paper?

          check mark To learn how to analyze a topic in greater depth than relying on your knowledge alone

       check mark To conduct independent research on a particular topic

          check mark To find out what others have had to say on a particular issue

          check mark To learn how to be a discriminate reader of the information you uncover

          check mark To organize your information into a compelling and persuasive document

          check mark To fulfill a SHS requirement