•  Lockers

    All fourth and fifth graders will be assigned a locker. We ask that no locks be purchased to place on your child's locker. Also, children in the Middle School like to decorate the interior of their lockers and we reserve that privilege for Middle School because they do have locks and they are responsible for their items if anything is lost or stolen. Again, please do not purchase any locker decor. 


     Please make sure that your child knows how he/she will be getting home from school every morning. Please remember to update Dismissal Manager if there is a change in dismissal. 



    If your child is ordering lunch from the cafeteria, please make sure that their order has been entered into Nutrislice.


    Everyday the students will have snack time for approximately 10 minutes. A snack should comprise of something “small” and healthy to eat, as well as a drink. Please try to avoid sending snacks or drinks that contain sugar/and or snacks with gimmicks (i.e. making pizza or decorated cookies with frosting.)

    *Please note that all classrooms are nut and peanut free**** Please review the Quaker Ridge Food Allergy Policy****


    "To the greatest extent possible we must ensure an environment free of allergens on an ongoing basis across the school year.  We incorporate non-food practices when celebrating birthdays. Please do not send cupcakes or other food items to celebrate a birthday," Quaker Ridge School Handbook.  
    In keeping with the School's non food policy, birthdays will be celebrated with song and warm wishes.  The birthday child may bring in a "special" individual treat to mark the occasion.  If desired, a small non food treat can be given to his/her classmates (such as a special pencil). The class will celebrate birthdays during regular snack time (around 10:00am) or when our schedule permits. Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year during the month of June. 


    If a problem arises and you need to speak with me in person, please feel free to call the school or email me to make an appointment. Appointments are available before and after school, or during the school day when time permits.

    I check email sporadically during the day, and I always try to respond in a timely fashion. If you have an urgent message, and need my attention immediately, please call the school directly.