• Heathcote Elementary School

    November 2013

    Book of the Month:

                                                                     The Superstorm
    Hurricane Sandy



    By Josh Gregory




    Dear Heathcote Family,

    This month’s book is “The Superstorm- Hurricane Sandy” It is the true account of a storm we weathered together. On Monday, October 29, 2012 New York was hit by a superstorm named Hurricane Sandy. Many of us remember that frightening day and evening.   After the storm many families had damage to their homes and belongings and had to overcome great difficulties in their lives. Our school and district were closed for an entire week as we worked to clean up the damage from the storm.

    Heathcote School was hit especially hard. We lost power at our school for much longer than our neighboring schools.  We had both trees and live electrical wires on the ground.  They were also dangling in dangerous positions in our kindergarten and first grade playground.  We had an enormous tree hanging over our first and second grade wing. The classes in that wing had to move to other rooms for almost an entire week.

    We all pulled together and made the best of a very difficult situation.  Everyone in our community helped in whatever way they could. With some effort, time and patience we came through this storm as we always do, stronger and more united. 

    As we reflect back on this tragic event and then continue to move forward we may be able to find some comfort in knowing that when we stick together we can get through anything.


    Maria R. Stile