online gold card registration




    Online registration for ALL FALL Sports including Managers will be begin on July 21, 2019.   In order for your child's Gold Card to be completed in time for try-outs beginning on August 19, ALL required paperwork must be submitted BEFORE August 13, 2019.  
    Please note that a minimum turn around time of 48 hours is required to  process all documents, approve and submit the Gold Card to Athletics for their approval.
    All forms for sports clearance can be found online.  The link is at the bottom of this page labeled Gold card Health History Parent consent.  All forms need to be completed by a parent from the parents email and signed by a parent.  A current physical and Allergy Action and Asthma Action, if applicable, are required for Gold Card clearance.  
    The District Physician will be available on the following dates for sports physicals.  Please call the SHS Health Office at 721-2550 to make an appointment.
    Thursday, August 15 - 11:30 - 2:00
    Please call our office to make an appointment.
    Please be aware any forms submitted from a student's email will be returned and student will not be processed for a Gold Card.
    A Gold Card is a sports clearance that the nurse provides to the Athletic Department after the steps below have been completed. The card signifies that the student can safely tryout and participate in a specific sport for a specific season. The Athletic Department will give their card to the coach.  A minimum turn around time of 48 hours is required to process all documents and produce the card.  

    There are three prerequisites to obtaining a Gold Card:

    1. Physical Exam: 

    A physical exam from a MD, NP or PA licensed in New York or a bordering state is required.  The Education Department interprets a bordering state as within 50 miles of the state border. Please visit the Health Office to assure that the Health Certificate from your last physical exam is still valid.  

    Certain local pediatric practices are using NYSED form; physical exams done by these physicians do NOT need to be transcribed onto our form.  Click here for a current list of physicians using the NYSED physical form.

    Click Health Examination Form to download/print a blank form. The private MD should transcribe the details of your last exam onto this form. The arrows on the form indicate required information for sports participation. 



    If your child requires an epi pen or an inhaler have your doctor sign and complete the appropriate form(s) that state your child can carry and self-administer medications:  Allergy Action Plan / Asthma Action PlanIF YOUR CHILD REQUIRES AN EPI PEN OR INHALER THEY MUST HAVE THIS ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES.

    3. Gold Card Health History & Parent Consent  

  • Documents can also be faxed to (914) 721-2443.


    For questions about individual sports or athletics in general - please consult the Athletics web site.