Online registrations for SPRING SPORTS, player and manager positionwill go live on:

     February 12, 2024

    All applications must be submitted by March 4th, 2024 to ensure proper clearance for participation by March 11th, 2024.

    The link can be found here.



    Sports Clearance is a four step system.


    1. The Initiator - You! The parent/guardian (NOT STUDENT) 

    **please remember to use your personal email, NOT a Scarsdale email address.**

    2. Secretary - Data collected and updated

    3. Nurses - Chart review and health approval

    4. Athletic Director - Final Sign Off!

    You will receive an email confirmation once it is approved.



    An application can take from 48 to 72 hours to be reviewed and processed by EACH department for approval.

    All information for sports clearance can be found online. All forms must be completed by a parent/guardian using the parent/guardian’s email and signed by the parent/guardian. 

    Please be aware that any online requests submitted with a student's email will be denied and the application would need to be filled out again, by a PARENT.



    **There will be an option to attach documents to the application.

    If the Nurse's Office has your child's updated documentation, no need to resubmit.**


    1. A current physical - This is a health examination completed within the year of the start date of the sport; click here for form.

    2. An “Allergy Action” (if applicable) - please note if your child has any NUT allergy an Epi pen or Auvi Q is required.

    3. “Asthma Action” (if applicable) - This applies to ALL kinds of asthma whether it's intermittent, mild or severe.




    Sports clearance  allows students to participate in sports. It signifies that the student can safely tryout and participate in a specific sport for a specific season.  If at any time your child wishes to switch their sport after the paperwork and clearance are completed, they must contact the Athletic Department. The Athletic Department will notify the coach.  A minimum turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours is required to process all requests.  

    There are three prerequisites to obtaining sports clearance:

    1. Physical Exam: 

    A physical exam from a MD, NP or PA licensed in New York or a bordering state is required.  The Education Department interprets a bordering state as within 50 miles of the state border. Please visit the Health Office to assure that the Health Certificate from your last physical exam is still valid.  

    Certain local pediatric practices are using NYSED form; physical exams done by these physicians do NOT need to be transcribed onto our form.  Click here for a current list of physicians using the NYSED physical form.

    Click Health Examination Form to download/print a blank form. The private MD should transcribe the details of your last exam on to this form. The arrows on the form indicate required information for sports participation. 


    If your child requires an epi pen or an inhaler , you must have your doctor sign and complete the appropriate form(s) that states your child can carry and self-administer medications:  Allergy Action Plan / Asthma Action Plan.  IF YOUR CHILD REQUIRES AN EPI PEN OR INHALER THEY MUST HAVE THIS ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES.

    1. Health History & Parent Consent  

    This is a required checklist that you will be prompted to fill out in regards to your child’s health history. This will be cross-checked with the Health History on file.  Please note that medical and medical history information will be shared with coaches and athletic staff.



    Documents can also be faxed to (914) 721-2443.


    For questions about individual sports or athletics in general - please consult the Athletics web site.


Online Sports Clearance Registration

  • Online submission for all forms required for interscholastic athletic participation is now open. Please follow the instructions below carefully.  If you have any difficulties, please feel free to call the support line at (612) 605-1623, or email support@rschooltoday.com.  Of course, you can always call the Athletics Office (914 721-2517) if you have any questions.


    Gold Card/rSchoolToday Activity Registration Instructions

    Below, please find the link for the new Activity Registration site.  We expect this process to be simpler and more efficient than the previous process, especially for families of student-athletes who participate in multiple sports seasons.  The creation of family accounts and the use of student IDs will allow for much of the required information to auto-populate the required fields.  Please be sure to check all fields for accuracy and completeness during the account creation and registration process. 


    Important Information

    1. Please be prepared with the following before you begin the registration process:

      1. Student ID - The student ID allows for the registration fields to auto-populate and reduces the burden on families to type in every field.  You can find student IDs in Campus Backpack.

      2. Email - Please make sure that you have access to email on the same device as you are using to register. You will need to verify your email.  If your email is not verified on the same device or within a specific time frame, the registration may be blocked.

    2. After you complete your registration, the status of the forms should show as Pending.

    3. You should receive notifications as your registration advances from Pending through Final Clearance.


    Registration Tutorials

    Should you wish to review the registration process in more detail, tutorials can be found at the following links:


    Action Plans

    For those student-athletes who require Allergy and Asthma Action plans, they should be uploaded during the registration process.  Should you need to fill out action plans, you may find the appropriate forms below:

    • Allergy Action Plan download HERE

    • Asthma Action Plan download HERE


    Spring Sports

    The official start date for spring sports is March 11, 2024.  If you would like to be placed on a sport-specific contact list, please sign up using the Sports Information Form and Sign-up List.  Spring sports offered at SHS include baseball, boys' crew, girls' crew, boys' golf, girls' golf, girls' flag football, boys' lacrosse, girls' lacrosse, softball, boys' tennis, boys' and girls' track & field, and ultimate.  


    Important Guidelines

    It is important that parents and guardians thoroughly review our guidelines on cardiac arrest prevention, concussion management, COVID-19 prevention, and our standards for interscholastic athletic participation with their children who plan to participate in school-sponsored sports.  Reviewing these guidelines in advance will allow families to make informed choices about interscholastic athletic participation.


    Medical Clearances

    The Gold Card Health History and Consent Form will go live for all spring sports on Monday, February 12, 2024.  Please submit all required forms and supporting documentation by Monday, March 4 to ensure that student-athletes will be cleared for the first day of tryouts.  The link to the online forms can be found here

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