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    Lisa Scavelli
    Art Teacher / 9-12 / Art Department
    Contact Information (lscavelli@scarsdaleschools.org) 
     What do I teach?
    Studio Art Foundations, Computer Animation I & II, Digital Photography I, and Graphic Arts
    Studio Art Foundations
    This course is a foundations course that is broken up into three different components, 2D (drawing & Painting), 3D (sculpture) and Media (digital photo & graphic art).  This is a rotating class that allows the student to experience different art mediums. It is a half semester course that is needed in order to take any other art electives in the future. The students will develop several portfolio pieces through out the semester.
    Computer Animation I
    This course is an elective that helps to build problem solving and creative thinking skills. The projects are based on creating a character for a video game or an animated movie. Once the students complete their characters they will create an environment to place their characters into. Using Maxon's Cinema 4D students will learn the basic skills of modeling, texturing, lighting, scene development, rigging, and animation.

    Computer Animation II
    This course is an elective course that will allow students who have already taken Computer Animation I to further their skills in 3D animation. The students will work on strengthening their modeling, texturing, and lighting skills. Students will delve deeper into the understanding of animation and they will explore the concepts to rigging their characters.
    Digital Photography I
    In Digital Photography students are give the opportunity to work as photographers from photo shoots to digital editing. Creativity is encouraged through the lense of the camera allowing the students to put together their own composed photographs. They will learn the basic use of shooting with a camera in manual mode and how to bring their captured shots into the computer for further editing in Adobe Photoshop.
    Graphic Arts
    Students will learn the essentials of Graphic Arts by combining art with technology for a better understanding of how to convey their ideas visually. This course will help the students develop a sense of design through illustration, typography, identity, package, publication, and advertising design, and two dimensional animation. The elements and principles of design will be used as a foundation to strengthen the students’ skills. The history of graphic arts will be looked at from the Art Nouveau era up to the arrival of digital design. The students will learn how to use software that is being used in the graphic design industry - Adobe’s Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design, and After Effects.