• Fox Meadow Environmental and Sustainability Efforts

    FM Garden

    FM Garden Fox Meadow staff and families have created and continue to maintain several planting areas and gardens throughout the school property.  The main garden at the corner of Brewster and Chesterfield Roads produces spring, summer, and fall crops.  In hand-constructed raised beds, the students, with the assistance and supervision of their teachers and school Principal, plant and harvest all the fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Students learn first hand about the life cycle of plants.  Beyond that, teachers utilize the garden for academic units on early agriculture in the United States, and to reinforce science and math classroom lessons.  Students have grown tomatoes, sugar snap peas, spinach, mesclun, radishes, kohlrabi, lettuce, kale, scallions, fennel, chamomile, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, basil, cotton, calendula, violas, sunflowers, 
    corn, beans and squash (aka "the three sisters").  There are also many decorative bulbs, perennials, alpine strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and concord grapes. 

    The beds by the kindergarten classrooms and the butterfly garden are home to more decorative bulbs and perennials.  Kindergarteners add annuals to these grounds in the spring.

    The nature park between the field and Brite Avenue is also part of the school property.  In recent years, the paths were improved with wood chips and several visual points of interest were created in this preserve.  Students explore the preserve with their classrooms, in P.E. classes, during special activities such as Environmental Field Day, and in various after school clubs.

    Recycling Rangers

    School Bus 1 The Recycling Rangers program is a year-long commitment open to all interested fourth graders.  This year's program begins in October and is supervised by one of the fourth grade teachers.  Students work in teams and volunteer part of the lunch hour one day per week, helping other students discard their recyclable materials (plastics 1-7, aluminum foil, and paper goods) into the appropriate bins.  The Recycling Rangers wear special t-shirts provided by the PTA on their volunteer days, making them easily identifiable to those with questions about recycling.  The Recycling Rangers go through a short instructional program to learn about recycling and how to implement it at Fox Meadow.