• For this year, the students will need to go to www.cheng-tsui.com and register for an account. They should immediately get an automated email upon completion of the registration process with a temporary password and a link to reset their password.


    Important: If they do not get this email within a few minutes of completing the process, they may contact our customer service department at (800) 554-1963 during business hours to have us set their passwords manually. It’s come to our attention lately that several domain servers have been fairly aggressive at blocking our automated emails. We are trying to get this fixed as quickly as possible, but I did want to alert you in case it turns out to be a problem. Alternately, you can send us a list of all the students’ emails and we can set them in bulk.


    Once they are successfully logged in, they should see a link in the upper right hand corner of the page “My Account”. Clicking on that will bring them to their dashboard. There will be a link on this page called “Digital Bookbag”. When they click that, they will see a box in which to enter their license key. Once submitted, the page will refresh and they should see a link that says Integrated Chinese Online Textbook, Read Online. All they need to do is click that link and it will open the Online Textbook. They should bookmark this page, as they will need to return to it when they want to read the book. They do not need to re-enter the license key. Once it has been entered the first time, the link should always be on that page. Attempting to re-enter the license key will give them an error message.