• Assignments for Unit 3 (Economic Indicators)

    Posted by Laurence Brown on 10/6/2015
    October 15th
    Introduction to Macroeconomics (Both Sections)
       HW:  Text (138-middle of 145) 
    October 16th
    Aggregate Output/GDP (Both Sections)
       HW for Sections II and III:  Text (163-top of 164, 165-middle of 166, 169-173)
    October 19th 
    Aggregate Output/GDP (Round II) - (Both Sections)
       HW:  TBA
    October 20th
    Employment/Unemployment (Section II)
      HW: Text (middle of 145-middle of 146, 173-176, 368-top of 376) 
    October 21st
    Class Canceled (Section I only)
    October 22nd
    Employment/Unemployment (Section I) 
       HW for Section I: Text (middle of 145-middle of 146, 173-176, 368-top of 376) 
    Employment/Unemployment (Round II) (Section II only)  
       HW: Handouts on Unemployment
    October 23rd 
    Employment/Unemployment (Round II) (Section I only)  
       HW: Handouts on Unemployment
    Inflation/Deflation (Section II only)
       HW: Text (151-153, 178-181) 
    October 26th 
    Inflation/Deflation (Section I only)
       HW: Text (151-153, 178-181) 
    The Short-Run Phillips Curve (Section II only)
       HW:  (383-387)
    October 27th 
    Don't Forget About Long-term Growth (Section II only) 
       HW:  Text (191-192, 198-206)
    October 28th
    The Short-Run Phillips Curve (Section I only)
       HW:  (383-387)
    Voluntary Extra Session for Section I only at 2:00 PM on Wednesday or 7:40 AM on Thursday
        Don't Forget About Long-term Growth
             HW:  Text (191-192, 198-206) 
    October 29th
    Unit Test No. 3 (Both Sections)
    October 30th
    Current Events No. 2 (Section I only)
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