This is a mathematically based physics course designed to show students how physics is related to their lives and the world around them.  Through the application of algebra, geometry and trigonometry we will better understand the laws and principles that influence every aspect of the physical world.
    Protractor and Ruler
    Loose Leaf and Graphing Paper
    Scientific Calculator- You may NOT use a graphing calculator
    Pens/Pencils (colored- pencils may be useful at times)
    Textbook: Zitzewitz, P.W. Physics: Principles and Problems. Glencoe:New York, New York, 1998
    Lateness Policy: You must be on time for class everyday.  You must be ready to work at the sound of the late bell.  If you are late more than three times, it is considered a "cut".
    Absence Policy: Only students with valid medical excuses will be considered excused. Students who fail to hand in assignments/write a test because of an unexcused absence will receive a zero.  If you know you will be absent for a college visit, team sport, musical performance, etc, make arrangements in advance for any missed work.
    1.  Homework will be collected and graded at random.  You may not ask "Can I get the homework to you later?" "Can I hand in the homework tomorrow?"  The answer to these questions is no.  Homework will not be accepted late.  If you miss a homework, it is scored as a zero.
    2.  Tests are comprised of multiple choice, true/false, and free response questions.  If you are absent for an exam, you must be prepared to take the exam the day you return.  Please feel free to email me at anytime if you are home concerned about any assignments you may be missing because you are absent.  
    3.  Quizzes will be given at random.  You can expect some quizzes to be given after a laboratory experiment has been performed.  If you miss one quiz, you will not be required to make it up.  If you miss more than one quiz, you must make it up.
    4.  Labs will be evaluated on the quality of work as well as your adherence to safety procedures.  To receive full credit for labs, you must include an abstract.  The answers to questions in the lab must be answered in complete sentences.  You have one week to hand in completed labs.  If your lab day is on Thursday, you have until the following Thursday to hand it in without penalty.  Everyday the lab is late, you will lose ten points and the highest grade you can get for the lab is 65.
    5.  No extra credit assignments are ever offered so please, don't ask. Please come see me for extra help instead, prepared with questions!!! 
    At this point you may be thinking…….
    How will I be graded????
    Your grade is calculated on a point system.  Each assignment has a point value.  All the points will be added at the end of the quarter, divided by the total number of possible points, and multiplied by 100.  
    Grade calculation for the year :    Quarter I        20 %
                                                          Quarter 2       20 %
                                                          Quarter 3       20 %
                                                          Quarter 4       20 %
                                                          Final Exam/ Lab Practical     20 %