• Second Grade Science


    Structure and Properties of Matter

    • Observe, describe, sort, and classify materials based on their properties and use.

    • Plan and carry out investigations to determine the flexibility and absorbency of various materials.

    • Analyze data to choose the best material for creating small-scale 3D models of playground equipment.

    • Use the Engineering Design Process and knowledge of properties of materials to build a bridge and/or to support a book above a surface. 

    • Observe changes in substances as they are heated and cooled and categorize them as reversible or non-reversible.

    Earth’s Systems:  Processes that Shape the Earth

    • Identify that Earth’s events can occur quickly or slowly.

    • Research informational sources to make and support evidence-based claims about Earth’s changes.

    • Plan and carry out an investigation on how wind and rain cause erosion.

    • Develop a model to test and compare design solutions to slow or prevent erosion. 

    • Research, record, and communicate characteristics of different landforms.

    Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems

    • Plan and carry out an investigation to determine whether plants need sunlight and water to grow.

    • Investigate the relationship between the unique structures of plants and animals and their functions.

    • Use models to communicate how animals depend on plants or other animals for food.

    • Use the Engineering Design Process to create a model of a seed that can be carried by wind, water, or an animal.

    • Make and record observations about different habitats and recognize patterns about the diversity of life.