• The Quest for U.S. Energy Independence - STI Course # 4778
    Friday Dec. 11 (beginning at 3:30) and Saturday Dec. 12 (beginning at 8:00)
    Scarsdale High School Room 170/172
    (enter at District Office entrance near Dean Field parking lot)
    Course Coordinator: 
    Guest instructor: Sally Odland, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Petroleum Geology
    The topics of energy resources and sustainability are growing in importance and relevance for our students across grade levels.  Unfortunately the information presented in the media can be quite confusing.  As teachers we need to have an accurate understanding of the origin, location, and quantity of fossil fuel resources, how electricity is generated, and the state of alternative energy research,  so that we as teachers can confidently incorporate energy in to our curriculum at all grade levels. 
    Guest lecturer:  Roger N. Anderson, Geologist, Columbia University
     Dr. Anderson will focus on electric power, mainly from a utility standpoint, with a focus on NYC and NY - power
     generation/sources /distribution/market/bottlenecks, etc. and efficient use - both from the supplier and consumer ends.