• The Scarsdale Center for Innovation: Reflections on our Early Years
    The Center for Innovation has released an eJournal to document the work of the Center during its first year. You need an iPad to view the interactive eJournal. You may also download a copy a PDF file of the document that does not contain interactivity.
    • Download the Interactive eJournal (iPad or Mac with the latest operating system required)
      Click this link from an iPad or a Mac with the latest operating system (Make sure that you have downloaded Apple's free iBooks app). This version of the report allows you to enlarge images with the iPad's "pinch and zoom" feature. It also contains interactive slideshows, audio, and video files. Note: This eBook can take at least five minutes to download.

    • Download the eJournal as a PDF file:
      Click on this link to download the non-interactive document that can be viewed on almost any device.