Students new to the high school performing organizations will need to secure the proper concert attire:  long black dresses for the women and tuxedos for the men.

    ·         Ladies will purchase their own dresses. 

    ·         Gentlemen will purchase their own tuxedo outfit (which includes the pants, shirt, tie and cummerbund). 


    Students will be fitted in early October.  They will be notified as to the specific rehearsal time this will occur.  There will be sized samples of dresses available for the ladies to try on.  Gentlemen should come prepared with their height and weight, and they will be measured for neck and waist size.   Once your student is fitted for concert clothing, the charge will be posted to your account.  Payment is expected by October 31st and fees will be charged to student accounts as follows:


    Ladies concert dress:                                     $79.00

    Gentlemen's concert tuxedo outfit:            $85.00*

     *Individual articles of clothing for upperclassman that may have outgrown or otherwise need replacement pieces (but do not wish to purchase the complete tuxedo outfit) are:

    Wool Tuxedo Pants                                         $65.00

    Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt                               $25.00

    Bow Tie and Cummerbund Set                 $15.00


     (1)   On-line at the parent portal https://ic.scarsdaleschools.k12.ny.us/campus/portal/scarsdale.jsp

    or(2)   Check made payable to Scarsdale UFSD

     The tuxedo jackets are owned by the school and will be distributed around the same time as the articles stated above.  


    The gentlemen will be assigned a jacket and will keep it for the school year.

    A registration form will be signed at receipt and will be kept on file until the jacket is returned after the student’s last performance in the spring.  This process is consistent with the one used by the high school for textbooks and other school-owned property.  The assessed fee for an unreturned or otherwise unusable jacket will be $150.00, and will be viewed as an unfulfilled obligation until satisfied.

     Students assume responsibility for the maintenance and care of the garment from September through June. 


    Please direct any questions to your director or the Performing Arts Office at (914) 721-2485.