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    SHARING SCHEDULE 2019-2020

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


    Once a week your child will have the opportunity to share in class.  Your child can share a story, an object, a photo or a very special item (no video games or toys please).  Please check the schedule below to see which day is your child’s sharing day.  


    Some weeks the sharing time will be based on a specific topic.  Please check my Teacher Page on Edgewood’s site to view these topics.  If a date and/or topic is not listed then it will be a Free Share week.

     If school is not in session then we do NOT make up those share days.  I will explain this to the children in class.


    MONDAYS                     TUESDAYS                     WEDNESDAYS                            THURSDAYS         

    Anna                               Elizabeth                        Mark                                            Renee

    Atticus                             Lauren                           Noah                                           Sami

    Daniel                              Lillian                            Oscar G. (Oskie)                           Teddy

    Deven                              Lucy                              Oscar L.                                       Viola         



    Week of 03/02/20 through 03/06/20: Free Share this week!

    Week of 03/09/20 through 03/13/20:  No share this week. 

    Week of 03/16/20 through 03/20/20:  No share this week. 

    Week of 03/23/20 through 03/27/20: Free Share this week!