• The first homework this marking period is to buy a sketchbook (process journal) and alter the front and back covers. It doesn't have to be finished - but you need to put at least an hour's time into it. I will check homework each week.    cover

    The second homework is to select one of the quotations in the packet I gave out the first day of class and respond to it verbally and visually. You can use any media you like.

    The third homework is entitled: "Getting to Know You: Do You Know Who You Are?" Knowing who you are and where you come from is not only interesting to you, but it is also interesting to others. Sharing personal information creates relationships with others. And to take that verbal information and translate it into an image is even more fascinating. In this assignment you are to create a two-page spread (that means to create an image that spans the entire width of your open process journal) in your PJ that communicates and reveals something about your background and what is important to you verbally and visually.  Consider the following information:
    Are you: male, female, from American or outside America, bilingual, serious, funny, etc.?
    Do you: Come from a large or small family, live inside or outside of Scarsdale, have brothers or sisters, pets, etc.?
    Are you interested in: Science, Art, Math, clubs, etc.?
    Do you love: the sea, cars, horses, to paint, the city, country, etc.?
    You can combine images and text. You can use photography, computer graphics, traditional mark making materials such as pencils, colored pencils, pens, etc. You can paint with watercolors, acrylics, watercolors, etc.
    Keep in mind the language of art:
    Is your piece symmetrical or asymmetrical?
    Are you colors bright or dull?
    Are you using complementary colors such as blue and orange to make images pop?
    Are you exaggerating proportion or scale to create emphasis?
    Are you manipulating the viewer's eyes with bold text?
    Are you creating interesting texture?
    Are you creating a realistic image, a surrealistic image or abstracted image?
    Check out these examples:
    Your fourth homework is to glue the xexox of the baby "creature" into your process journal and tell me why you think it is beautiful or ugly.
    Your fifth homework is to go into the Positive Space Gallery and select one piece of art created by an art teacher and tell me (using the elements and principles of design among other things), why you are so attracted to it.