• 7 Tips for Starting out the School Year Right  (From Hallowell Connections)
    Here are tips for the beginning of the year, which is a time of transition for both students and parents. Every child is different and each family must work together to create a plan and set goals together.
    1. Evaluate what went well last school year - gains, improvements in certain courses and sports, and what needs to change. These could include study habits, managing tech time, being more organized, etc.
    2. Get a wall calendar - write down all major long-term assignments, school commitments, sporting events, and out-of-school activities. Use different colors to paint a holistic picture so both parent and child can see priorities and how all activities interact.
    3. Set up homework start time - select a mutually agreed upon time to relax and time to get started on homework i.e. 2:15-4:00p.m. free time, 4:00 homework time.
    4. Have a technology use schedule - computers, video games and internet use should be supervised by a parent. Put the PC in a common place to help monitor its use.
    5. Set up a reward system - agree upon a reward system that will work for the both of you. Spell out how it will be executed - who will check homework or is the honor system sufficient? Make sure the terms are clear and specific.
    6. Organize a study space - a distraction free zone where your child can do his/her work best and where they'll have all the tools to do their work.
    7. Set up organizational systems - What do you need? An ADD friendly folder system or back pack with compartments sized for study tools? Pick a system and stick with it. If it doesn't work, figure out another system and stick with it.