• As an art educator I am committed to developing and sharing the importance of art education. Art education provides students with a foundation of creativity to help them develop into forward thinking innovators which increasingly becomes the formula for success in our complicated world. Below are 10 concepts I focus on and promote in my classroom to develop innovative students.
    1. Think creatively and discover that there is more than one way to find a solution
    2. Learn to appreciate and respect the creative differences of cultures and individuals
    3. Increase physical coordination and kinetic awareness
    4. Develop a sensitivity to beauty and different aesthetics
    5. Prepare students for an increasingly visual world
    6. Challenge students to increase their critical thinking skills
    7. Strengthen students ability to visualize and execute ideas
    8. Strengthen self confidence through teacher guided critiques
    9. Understand that art can connect ideas in any subject matter as all subjects relate to one another
    10. Provide a method of self expression free of judgement, self doubt or restraint