Class Participation
    There are five categories that will be combined each quarter for your class participation grade for the quarter.
    (0)                           (10)                            (15)                         (18)                    (20)    

    Never              Onlyif asked              Occasionally               Often               Consistently



    ________1.  WILLINGNESS TO PARTICIPATE      

    Did you raise your hand at least once a day?  Were you actively engaged?  Did you participate in the activities each day?  Did you check your homework carefully,ask questions, and answer questions?  Did you participate in the warm-up?  Did you participate during listening practice? Did you volunteer for skits and readings and other class activities?  Did you ask questions during class that pertained to what we were working on and benefited the entire class?




    Did you always speak Spanish to your classmates and tome?  Did you always try to speak Spanish with correct pronunciation and grammar? Did you speak Spanish extemporaneously (without having the answer beforehand)?


    ________3.  PREPARATION

    Did you bring the following every day to class: folder, agenda book and pencil case (with pen/pencil/dry erase marker, etc.)?  Did you bring your homework to class or was it at home or in your locker?  Did you come on time to class every day?



    ­________4.  TIMEON TASK

    Did you listen to others and not talk when others were talking?  Did you do what I asked you todo the first time that I asked or did I need to ask you twice to do something or to pay attention?  Did you stay on task when working with your partner? 



    Did you cooperate with others? Were you respectful towards your classmates?  Did you not say“put-downs”, even if you thought it was a joke? Did you work well with your partner and help them when they struggled?  Did you speak to Mrs. Millard respectfully during class?  Did you treat the substitute teachers with respect?