• The Green Club
    Heathcote Green club
    The Green Club is a student environmental club that is open to all students in fourth and fifth grades. The Green Club meets during lunch once a week. Students in the club are involved in a number of 'green' activities in the school. These include: recycling, the school garden, communication about green topics, and programs. The Green Club had a booth at Sustainable Scarsdale Day and has designed a 'pop-up playground' at the Heathcote Carnival the past two years.
    The Green Club presents at the beginning of the year Circle of Friends assembly to teach students about the school recycling and composting program. The Green Club also has been involved with recycling and composting in the lunch room. Last spring the Green Club planted, watered, weeded, and harvested crops in the school garden. This year the Green Club is eager to help manage classroom recycling.

    Green Fact # 1: Did you know that 75% of the school's recycled materials must be thrown away due to contamination?
    What is contamination? Contamination of the recycling occurs when paper, glass, and garbage are mixed together in either the glass or paper recycling bins. The entire contents of the bin must then be thrown into the trash! 
    The Number One Goal of the Green Club this year is to teach all grades about the importance of maintaining the classroom and wing recycling bins.
    What can classrooms do?
    - Discuss the importance of recycling at the beginning of the school year
    - Appoint a recycling monitor
    - Make it everyone's job to check the recycling bins each day
    - Heathcote has a composting program. Ask your child about the program.
    Parent Teach In on April 21 and Reduce Plastic Bag Pledge
    -  The Green Club had a parent teach in to launch the "Say NO to Plastic bags."
    -  Green Club kids showed a video on the problems with plastic bags and then shared poems about the environment.
    -  Parents then were introduced to the Green Club pledge. Parents had the opportunity to sign a pledge to reduce use of plastic bags. Families that sign the pledge will receive a reusable bag designed by the Green Club kids. 
    Let's make this the greenest year ever at Heathcote!
    Remember: Reduce, reuse, and recycle!
    Think Green!
    Ms. Hicks is the teacher facilitator for the Green Club.
    Please contact Ms. Hicks for more information on the Green Club: