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    Posted by Laurence Brown on 7/28/2015

    I have prepared these guidelines so that each of you will understand the various procedures that will be followed for this class. I understand that it is not fair for me to expect you to follow guidelines unless you have been made aware of those procedures beforehand. Now that you have been given this handout, you cannot argue that you were not aware of any of these rules. 

    • Arrive on time for class. You should be in your seat when class begins. Lateness is something that really bothers me, so I expect you here on time. If you are late on the day that a quiz is given, you may not be eligible to take that quiz, and you will receive a “0” for that quiz. Be on time – there will be no problems.

    • I encourage active participation in class. In fact, your grade in this class will include some relationship to the extent of your involvement in class discussions. However, you should speak only when you are recognized, and limit your conversations to the tasks that we are working on. I believe that there is a time to socialize with your friends; our class is not that time. This course will require you to listen to each other and to talk with each other.

    • Hand in your work on time. Late papers will lose a full letter grade for each day that it is late. That means that a B paper becomes a C on the first day it is late, a D on the second day it is late, etc. Extensions may be given in certain special circumstances, but you must talk to me in private before the due date and the request must be legitimate and exceptional. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the class notes and homework that you missed. Absences will not be an excuse for lack of preparation for class.

    • I have checked each of your schedules and I am pleased to report that you have each been granted a period to eat lunch. Accordingly, our class is not the appropriate time for you to eat. Mice have invaded our building in the past, and the administration has asked that we restrict food intake in our classrooms to help alleviate this problem. I plan to honor this request and, accordingly, you will honor this request when we meet.

    • Cheating is wrong. Don’t do it. It will result in a zero. Plagiarism (which will be defined later) will also result in a zero. This type of behavior is beneath each of you so don’t disgrace yourself with this type of conduct. A word of advice: While there are surely some of you that believe that is acceptable to copy someone's reading notes and to use those notes for an open-note reading quiz, I do not share that belief. You must use your own notes for any quiz, and if you violate this rule, both you and the note-taker who shared his/her notes will receive a "0" on the quiz.

    • Respect. Aretha Franklin (you have heard of her, haven’t you?) wants it, and I demand that we all exhibit it in our class. You must respect all people – your classmates, yourself and your teachers. Another word of advice: I am far more lenient if you treat me with disrespect than if you should do that with your peers. I have very thick skin (as well as ownership of the grade book), but disrespect toward your peers will be uniformly prohibited.

    • In order to further your education and development as a student in high school, we need to communicate with each other – in and out of the classroom. During the first quarter, you should make it your business to see me in my office and let me know who you are. You should always feel free to see me when you have a question about an assignment or if you need help with your work. A warning: If you do not do well on an assignment and you come see me afterwards, I will surely ask you why you did not come in before the assignment. There is a way to avoid that very awkward exchange. How to find me:

      Office: Room 266
      Office phone: 721-2553
      Home e-mail: laurence.p.brown@gmail.com (to be used sparingly, and by students only)

    • Yes, you will receive grades in this course. You will be assessed on papers, tests, quizzes, class projects, presentations, and/or homework. Another warning: Your failure to participate in our class discussions may result in disappointment with your grade. Bring your “A game” to class. 

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