• Welcome to Our 3rd Grade Class!
    Quaker Ridge School 
    Welcome to 3CM!
    Third grade is an exciting year for so many reasons. Children are learning to be more thoughtful readers and writers. They become better problem solvers, developing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Children are encouraged to think critically about problems not just in math, but in our community and our world. Third grade students are building their independence as they learn the importance of organization and work habits.
    Together we will make this year a productive, memorable, and exciting one! We will work as a community to reach our goals. Students are encouraged to take risks, ask questions, challenge one another to think critically about problems and their solutions, and help each other. 

    There are so many wonderful experiences your child will have over the course of this year. It is our hope that they become independent learners who will build confidence and a lifelong love of learning. We are looking forward to a fantastic year together! 

    You can reach Ms. Cohn via email: rcohn@scarsdaleschools.org
    You can reach Mrs. Mackey via email: smackey@scarsdaleschools.org