•         Magic Glasses 
              magic glasses
    Some children find the idea of reading scary or intimidating.  To help ease the pressure, I like to wear magic reading glasses whenever I read to the class. Handpicked out of the dollar bin and adorned with various colorful items, my magic glasses  are a comical sight.  Children are instantly intrigued by their "magic".  Once the glasses are put on, the person wearing them MAGICALLY gains the CONFIDENCE to read.  It is truly amazing!  I have many different glasses available for the children in the reading center.  When it is time to read, students may wear a pair of glasses, if they choose to do so.  
    Reading in our room includes; looking a pictures, becoming familiar with a new book, retelling a familiar story or sharing a book with a friend.
    We are always looking to expand our collection of magic glasses.  If you have old/used frames, we would greatly appreciate them!
    Love Notes 
    Every morning, upon entering the classroom, I will ask your child for 'love notes' from home.  This is just a silly way of helping your child remember to hand in any important papers.  Dismissal slips, lunch tickets, notes from you, permission slips or anything sent from home falls under this category.
     Signs of Gratitude
    I feel showing gratitude is important.  I will often tell the students how I appreciate them.  Beginning the first day of school, I will teach the children fun/interactive ways of saying thank you.  Ask your child to demonstrate the "firecracker," "seal of approval," "happy feet," and "round of applause."
    Children call me "Mom" on a daily basis.  It's part of teaching Kindergarten, I suppose.  Often times the kids will feel embarrassed or upset because they made a mistake. To lighten the mood I always tease, "I'm not your mom, I'm Mean Old Ms. Meyer!"  I sign the morning messages this way and the kids find it very funny!