• Welcome to Mr. Fitzpatrick's
    Edgewood Art Class
    Mr. Fitz's Assistant
    Visit the ART WEBSITE for fun!
    As we venture into the virtual classroom together.  Allow me to provide you with some resources we have created for students and parents. 
    Art lessons will be delivered via Google Classroom for Grades 3-5 and through Seesaw for Grades K-2.
    Together with the other Elementary Art Teachers we have created a website that provides additional projects for your child's engagement.  Here is the link for the "Scarsdale K-5 Website"  These projects are here if and when your child needs to stretch their creative muscles, not a requirement.
    Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  We're in this together, I'm here to help.
    Mr. Fitzpatrick
    Edgewood Art Instructor