• Welcome to Mr. Fitzpatrick's
    Edgewood Art Class
    Mr. Fitz's Assistant
    In the art room this year, students will be exploring new artists and mediums to help broaden their understanding of art for art’s sake and the intrinsic value it has in all of our lives.  A technology component also will be added to the curriculum so that our students remain on the forefront of technology as they move forward in all fields of education.
    From Kindergarten through 5thGrade the foundations to create a valued composition continues to be our goal.  I am confident that your refrigerators will increase in value due to the quality of your child's work that is placed upon it.  The classroom curriculum focuses on the elements of art and the principles of design.  We will explore art history, the aesthetics of our current world and the role art plays in all our lives.
    Art classes meet once in our six-day cycle (Kindergarten meets twice). The length of each art class by grade is as follows:

    •        Kindergarten 40 minutes
    •     1st Grade 40 minutes
    •     2nd Grade 40 minutes
    •     3rd Grade 55 minutes
    •     4th Grade 55 minutes
    •     5th Grade 55 minutes 

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or have any materials you would like to donate.  Please provide your child with a smock (old shirt) that they can leave in their classroom if you have not already done so.

    Current Items in Need:
    - Newspaper 
    - Small Plastic Soda/Juice Bottles 
    - Plastic take out food containers
    - Paper towel rolls

    I look forward to another wonderful year!


    Matt Fitzpatrick