• Learning Together  

    Dear Third Grader, 

       I am so excited to be welcoming you to Third Grade! Tuesday, September 3, 2019 will be the start of a great new academic and social experience. We are going to have a fantastic year together! I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation! This has been a summer of fun activities for my family! The boys enjoyed a wonderful month of recreational camp in our hometown of Warwick, New York! We just got back from one of my most cherished family vacations: Long Beach Island, New Jersey. 

    I have been catching up on my own personal reading goals tackling books that I haven't really been able to enjoy during the school year, as I hope you are too! I can't wait to hear about some of your exciting summer experiences and any book suggestions that you might have for each other and myself!

       I have spent the summer thinking about and putting together great projects, ideas, and units that we will spend the year exploring. Some of these projects will be requiring the use of various new technology programs that I am very excited to try out with you! I'm also looking forward on expanding on projects that I had last year's students do but tweak it a bit to make it more exciting for you! So, to get your minds ready for this year, spend some time over these next few weeks thinking about how I can help make Third Grade a great year for you. What will your goals be? How can we work together to achieve them? These are some year-long conversations that we will begin as soon as you arrive in September. Don’t worry about not having answers to these questions right away! Our learning experiences and reflections will be our guides to an exciting and enriching year. Every new day or experience will be an opportunity to add something special to our class. While you are waiting for the first day of school to roll around, I hope that you are reading some wonderful books that you might enjoy recommending to your classmates! I have been reading a TON of books both adult and young adult books! Getting lost in the stories and traveling to far off places both real and imagined have really been quite amazing!

      I cannot wait to hear about all the wonderful travels you have taken this summer! I hope you think about all that you have done since you left school back in June. I was thinking of sharing some wonderful adventures and experiences we had over the summer so I was hoping maybe you could bring in an item that reminds you of your special experience. It can be a photograph, postcard or brochure of a place you have visited; ribbon or certificate of something you have achieved or did for the first time; or even a ticket stub from a museum or amusement park. It needs to be flat so we can put it on our classroom bulletin board. I am really looking forward to hearing ALL about the special things you have done and seen this past summer! 

    I have many wonderful things planned for this year and cannot wait to get the classroom ready for all of you! I hope that as your summer winds down and you are preparing to get back to school, you have some time to reflect on the wonderful memories you've made this summer! They should prove to be a great inspiration during our personal narrative writing units and I cannot wait to read all about it! Enjoy the last few days of summer! 


    Mrs. Luciano